If you are an old fashioned angler, mobile technology may seem like an intrusion into what is supposed to be a much uncomplicated pastime. However, if you think about it, technology has long been a part of fishing. After all, some technical knowledge is required to design fishing poles, lures, etc., that aid in capturing fish. Fishermen commonly use meteorological data to their advantage in deciding when and where to fish. Lastly, nearly everyone has a mobile device with them during all kinds of activities including fishing. With those things in mind, the designers of mobile apps have – in the last twenty years or so – began exploiting the niche of people who desire to improve the outcome of their angling trips using new technology. Here are a few of the more interesting apps for anglers.


  • Weather: Weather has much to do with fishing. This app gives you the daily forecast along with radar-based 12-week projections. There is a paid version for $1.99 and a free version that contains ads. Available for Android


  • Fishbrain: This is a community app that lets anglers chat and share photos of their catch. The pro version gives anglers tips on bait to use and fishing forecasts as well. Available for Android


  • Fishidy: This is a popular free app that gives you a wealth of data, interactive fishing maps, fishery facts, etc. Available for Android


  • Fishing Calendar: This app gives you the best fishing times for any location increasing the chances that you will be successful. Available for Android.


  • Pro Angler: Pro Angler gives you information on 15,000 GPS fishing hotspots, radar weather maps, easy-to-use state and federal regulations and a guide to 250 saltwater fish species. (Android, iOS: Free).


Finally, these apps demonstrate that technology plays a much more vital role in angling than it would appear to, to many people. Through our Louisiana bow fishing trips, you can combine these technologies with the rustic appeal of the outdoors and the open water. Our Houma fishing charter is prepared to see to it that you thoroughly enjoy your time with family and friends as you explore Jekyll Island, Cumberland Island and St. Simons Island.