Louisiana Speckled Trout Fishing

Louisiana Speckled Trout Fishing Trips, also known as Spotted Sea Trout Fishing, are found in abundance all along the coast of Cocodrie, Louisiana. Southeast Louisiana offers the most liberal limits of speckled trout fishing in the country (25 per person). Speckled trout can be identified by their light gray or silverish color with black spots all down the side of the fish’s body. Speckled Trout average 2 to 4 pounds each with some as large as 7+ pounds. Come on one of our Cocodrie Fishing Charters and see for yourself! Trout like to target live, moving prey, so artificial swim-baits are often the best tactic. Trout are a favorite among residents of South Louisiana because of their mild flavor, which is great fried up with a little corn flour. We follow the migration of speckled trout all year long. During the summer months, speckled trout are located along the coast near beaches and barrier islands. During the winter, they will have migrated to inland canals. Give Our Fishing Guide Service A Call To Book Your Next Cocodrie Fishing Trip.