As any good fisherman knows, the right bait can mean the difference between going home with a full haul and going home empty handed. Catfish in particular are attracted to smells and tastes so it is not just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. It is also about appealing to their omnivorous nature. Our Louisiana charter fishing experts would like to offer you some bait suggestions so that you do not end up going home with an empty cooler.

  • Night crawlers: These plump, juicy invertebrates are practically irresistible to channel catfish in particular. Their instinctive wriggling action lures even larger catfish that usually prey on larger animals.
  • Cow’s blood: Granted that this is an odd sounding one but blue catfish in particular are attracted to cow’s blood. This involves soaking your bait in coagulated cow’s blood for a time before fishing with it.
  • Shad: If your goal is to catch the big one (and whose isn’t) then what better way to do so than by using live or cut shad. Shad can naturally be found from the North American coast of the North Atlantic and from Newfoundland to Florida.
  • Frogs: Animals as diverse as rodents, amphibians, etc., are often found inside of catfish. Frogs are particularlycatfish productive as catfish bait. Try cutting or crushing the frog before baiting your hook with it so that catfish get a better sense of its smell/taste.
  • Spoiled shrimp: Yum! Instead of letting your cocktail shrimp go to waste, try baiting your hook with this bait which catfish find delicious.
  • Chicken livers: Chicken livers are irresistible to channel catfish. The only caveat we have is that livers tend not to attract very large catfish.
  • Crawfish: All species of catfish love crawfish and who can blame them.
  • Garlic and chicken skin: Chicken skin is great in that the oils from it are easily detected by catfish. You can use it by itself or in conjunction with chicken livers to attract the really big ones.

Yes, the right location, bait and equipment are critical tools or every fisherman. Our Louisiana fishing guide can help put you in contact with a variety of species that are literally waiting for your special baits/lures.