One of the first things that novice bowfishing hunters learn is that not all bows are the same. Bows come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, etc. and which bow you choose depends on several factors. This is so important a fact that an intimate knowledge of which bow is suitable for a particular type of quarry is essential for Houma bow fishing. To clear up any confusion you may have as you look to purchase your first bow, we offer you the following advice.

  • Know your budget: Bows vary in price from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. However, if you are on a limited budget there is good news. Most manufacturers make perfectly acceptable starter bows at reasonable prices.
  • Know the difference between types of bows: There is a saying that goes while no bow is perfect, you can pick the perfect bow for your needs. For example, while compound bows and crossbows can both be good for hunting, crossbows don’t require as much physical strength and training to use. Long bows, on the other hand, are best suited for those who wish to enter target shooting competitions.
  • Determine what bow length you will need: This is important because you will not be able to shoot properly if the length of your bow does not fit you. You will also sacrifice accuracy and potentially pose a danger to yourself and others unless you choose the correct length. Any archery shop should be able to help you determine the right length for you.
  • Determine your draw weight limit: This is the amount of strength it takes you to properly draw and release the arrow. The archery shop salesperson should be able to help you select the right draw and arrow length.
  • Get Essential Accessories: While you are at the archery store, you may wish to pick up finger tabs – which can prevent finger soreness – string wax, spare arrow fletchings and a shooting glove in addition to bows and arrows.

In short, the equipment you use for bow hunting will be just as important as your skill, level of determination and area in which you choose to bow fish. Our Louisiana duck hunting guide will lead you to the best areas for hunting with our fishing charters or you can just schedule one of our dolphin tours. Either way, we guarantee you will have a great time out on the water with your friends and family.