Anyone can go out into the wild with a bow or rifle to hunt. However, prey animals make it much more difficult than that. In order to become more effective while pursuing a trophy kill, hunters must become virtually invisible to their prey. That means using camouflage technology and techniques to your maximum advantage in outsmarting your quarry. These useful camouflage tips for hunting should help you outsmart your prey.

  • Match the necessary color schemes: Before you go hunting in a particular area, make sure that you scout it out and are familiar with the color scheme there. Also be aware of how these colors may change depending on the time of day. Finally, take pictures and use these images to help you select just the right clothing.
  • Remain in the shadows as much as possible: Although many kinds of camouflage clothing work well in the daytime, some can become shiny when the sun rises. Stay in the shadows as much as possible in order to avoid this effect.
  • Minimize your natural odor: Most prey animals have a very keen sense of smell. Try using scent free soaps and shampoos prior to every hunt to mask your smell. Also, consider using baking soda to further mask your scent.hunting
  • Apply your face paint carefully: Avoid the temptation to apply your face paint in a symmetrical fashion. Remember that symmetry is rare in nature. Instead, apply your greens, browns, oranges, etc., in a more random manner.
  • Be aware of temperature changes in the environment: Make sure that you are aware of how the colors in your environment may change with the weather.
  • Be aware of straight lines and angles: These are not natural in nature and prey animals are keenly aware of anything that might be anomalous to their environment. Take particular care to conceal your equipment such as your weapons, tent, etc.
  • Be aware and careful of leaving tracks: This is important any time of the year but especially in the winter after a snowfall.

This list is by no means all inclusive. We are sure there are some tips you use and have thought of yourself. But they should get you off to the right start when Houma duck hunting. Our facility also allows visitors to go Houma bow fishing on our Houma fishing charter. There, visitors have access to a wide number of fish and bird species.