“Who doesn’t like dolphins? They’re like puppies.” Austin Stowell, actor, star of Dolphin Tale

For centuries mankind has been fascinated with dolphins. Perhaps it is because of the permanent smile they seem to always wear. Perhaps it is because of the almost human-like intelligence they are known to posses. It may also be due to their playful and social nature. More than likely, it is all of these features combined that enthralls and amuses us. Children – and adults who have not abandoned the child inside of themselves – are especially captivated by these creatures. So, even though we at Coastal Charter Fishing are known for our Louisiana charter fishing, we also conduct dolphin tours. This allows our visitors to witness and learn more about these wonderful mammals. Here are some fascinating facts about dolphins.

  • Our relationship with dolphins is a long one. There are images of dolphins that date back to as early as 312 BC in parts of the Middle East.
  • A dolphin’s blowhole is actually its nose. They must regularly emerge to take in air through it or they will drown.
  • Young dolphins stay with their mothers for as long as eight years.
  • Orcas, which are also dolphins, can live up to 70 years.
  • Like humans and elephants, dolphins mourn their dead.
  • The clicks they make are a sophisticated method of bouncing sound off of objedolphincts in order to determine things such as shape, density, movement and texture.
  • Dolphins do not use their teeth for chewing. They merely capture their prey in them and swallow it whole.
  • A dolphin’s “whistle” distinguishes one individual from another.

Finally, people enjoy our Louisiana fishing charter not just for the fish but for the beautiful scenery and wonderful marine life that it exposes them to. In addition to our wild dolphins here, sea turtles, wading birds and diving pelicans also populate the area. So whether you are an angler or wish to simply take in the surrounding marine life, we at Coastal Charter Fishing are ready to accommodate you and your family.