Recently NPR (National Public Radio) featured a story about a man who filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) in order to find another man’s secret fishing spot. Yes, fishermen are that determined to keep a good thing secret. This was going a tad too far in our opinion. There are many ways to find a unique and productive spot from which to fish. Effective fishing takes hard work and common sense as our tips illustrate. 

  • Take a topographic map: You can easily find topographic maps using an Internet search of the area in which you will be fishing including our Louisiana Charter Fishing location. Google Earth is also an excellent tool for this end. For example, fish like to inhabit bodies of waterwhere there is a drop in elevation. From there it is a simple matter of putting the coordinates into your GPS. 
  • Ask localsand experts: Our Louisiana charter fishing guide can give you useful information that will help you pinpoint the kinds of fish that you seek. Our duck hunting guide is equally proficient in helping ensure that your hunt is fun and productive.  fishing
  • Search the shoreline:Many fish like to search for food on the shoreline during the afternoon and early evenings. Note: You many require a lure if the water is particularly shallow.  
  • Know the food source/bait. Know your species: It doesn’t take an expert angler to know that fish will be found close to their natural food sources. Find out all you can about the habits, diet and habitats of your favorite fish species to give you an upper hand on the competition.
  • Use trial and error:Sometimes it takes good old fashioned legwork to find the perfect fishing spot. This may take a bit longer than some of the above methods but it will be well worth it once you have identified where the fish will be biting.  

Finally, we hope that you will visit us soon and that you will find a fishing spot with us. Even if you do not, our guides are ready to ensure that you and your family have a safe and fun time in the splendid waters of the region. We take families out every year to enjoy dolphin tours and sightseeing trips in the area. The area along the Jekyll Island, Cumberland Island and St. Simons Island are as beautiful as they are chock-full of fish species.